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Mouth Guards For Protection Of Your Child From Oral Injuries

Posted Date :        October 17, 2016
Protection of your Child from Oral Injuries

Children are always excited when the school reopens after a long vacation, to the relief of the parents! The major excitement lies in participating in sports activities and playing with their friends. As parents, you should motivate your child to get involved in such extracurricular activities along with studies. Sports like football, cricket, hockey and many others, have increased chances of dental and facial injuries. You can purchase an effective mouth guard for your child to protect them from oral injuries. Continue reading to know more about risky sports and prevention of oral injuries with a mouth guard.

Sports that carry the highest risk of dental injuries

It comes as no surprise that hockey can be the most unsafe sport where oral injuries are concerned. But there are many other sports activities that may result in accidents and hurting your face and mouth. These oral injuries include a sharp blow on the face fracturing or breaking the jaw, which can only be mended with a jaw fracture surgery. You shouldn’t stop your child from playing sports, but instead promote caution to avoid any major complications.

Keeping this in mind, it’s best to know the sports activities your kids are involved in and know the risks and possible complications associated with the respective activity. Outdoor or indoor games like football, basketball, hockey, cricket etc. can all cause oral injuries to your little ones. Therefore, if you see their interests are taking heights in any of these activities, go get a mouth guard right away. Using mouth guard for sports can save from minor and major dental or facial injuries.  

Research claims that wearing a mouth-piece has prevented lots of injuries every year. The athletes who avoid using protective mouth-piece suffer from painful oral injuries that affect their appearance and smile drastically.

Choosing the right mouth guard

When you are out in search of a suitable and protective mouth-piece for your little sports lover, you need to know about the right piece to choose. For this, it is important to know about the varieties of mouth protectors you can choose from. They are usually found in three basic types – readymade, custom-made and over-the-counter mouth guards. The parameters considered while choosing a specific type are based on the level of comfort and the cost associated.

On a large scale, people choose custom-made mouth-piece over the other two types, as they are designed as per the individual’s size and bite. It also offers better comfort and protection that is not experienced with ready-made and over-the-counter gum shields. The specially designed mouth guards open up your kid’s bite, thus, keeping away from grinding and clenching. They can be made in different colors as per your choice and are useful for limited, full and non-contact sports.

You may talk to your local Battersea dentist about a favorable suggestion that could help you make a wiser decision. On visiting Glow Dental, you can discuss about the precautions and protection of your child during a sports activity.

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