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Taking Care Of Your Baby And Their Teeth

Posted Date :        November 29, 2016
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Your baby is your world. As parents you make sure, nothing can turn your world upside down, not even minor dental issues. To protect your little one from unwanted dental problems, it is wise to start from an early age. But, even before teeth emerges? The gums of babies are very delicate, while you can wait for the first tiny tooth to show up, you can also care for the young gums decidedly. Taking measures right in time, assures you of a promising dentition from your child.

Preliminary Tactics

  1. Broadly, your baby will indicate occurrence of a tooth around six months of age. As for the rest, maximum number of milk teeth will emerge by the age of two and three. Pick only delicate stuffs to deal with the budding oral health of your kid.

  2. Specifically in case of infants, they are completely dependent on your selection. If your priority is brush, then make sure the bristles will play their role softly. Else, old is gold, opt for gauge and muslin cloths.

  3. Avoid using toothpaste until your child is two, as making your baby accustomed with the trick of spitting is not going to be easy. Wet the cloth and rub it inside the mouth gently in circular motions.

  4. Toothpaste will become a necessity when your baby gets introduced to the tempting world of sugars. Chocolates, fruit juices, flavored milk etc along with bacteria present inside the mouth, degrades the tooth enamel and cause loss of minerals.

  5. Wonder what kind of toothpaste is appropriate for your precious one? Choose one with fluoride. So, the next time you visit the market mall, pick baby toothpaste with the exact amount of fluoride required for infants. Presence of fluoride strengthens your baby’s teeth by supplying the necessary minerals. Else, you can always consult dentist at Glow Dental in Battersea for your child.

Some Common Dental Problems of Babies

  • Teething: A tooth peeping from the mouth exhilarates you and guarantees that your baby is growing up. But while this uplifts your emotions, teething is not exactly comforting for your baby. Tearing the gum tissue to appear, teething is painful and causes irritation in your child. There are many dental care for children accessible in the market like teething toys, to divert the mind; else you can always rely on traditional measures of using a wet muslin cloth. Likewise, you can also make use of your clean finger to mildly rub it on the aching areas.

  • Thumb-sucking: Thumb-sucking is natural to happen to babies. Child experts say, thumb-sucking is a way the babies sooth themselves. But, while it is considered to be a nominal phase, which will eventually get left-behind; thumb-sucking can tend to be hassle in proper growth of your child’s sets of teeth. The force generated while a thumb is being sucked, is capable of gradually pushing a tooth out of is actual position. Such off beat alignment of teeth can result out in improper bite and speech problems. Do not scold; instead assure them that rather than depending on thumb-sucking, you as the parent is always going to be there.

Adopting preventive dental care when they are small makes them actualize the importance maintaining a sound oral health. Visiting a dentist periodically, safeguards your children from any dental problem likely to occur and averts the fear they have for dentists and their tools.

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