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4 Tooth Whitening Mistakes You Could Be Making

Posted Date :        April 1, 2015
4 tooth whitening mistakes you could be making

If you’re considering tooth whitening, Battersea supermarkets and chemists sell a wide array of products which can all be used at home. The thing is, tooth whitening products bought this way often don’t deliver very good results and some if used too frequently may even damage your tooth enamel. If you’re constantly trying the next best tooth whitening product, then be warned. When it comes to achieving dazzling pearly whites, you may be going too far. Let’s take a look at 4 of the tooth whitening mistakes that you could be making.

Failing to speak to your Battersea Dentist

Okay, visiting your dentist can seem like a drag but it’s vital to attend six monthly check-ups especially if you’re considering whitening your smile. It’s important to make sure there is no evidence of decay since if your teeth are damaged and have holes in them, there’s every chance that any bleaching products will leak into the crevices and hit a nerve – something which is extremely painful and can cause severe damage to your teeth.

Spending your cash on tooth whitening mouthwashes

Let’s face it, tooth whitening mouthwashes don’t come cheap and just rinsing your teeth is highly unlikely to give you the results you were hoping for. In fact, it could be doing more harm than good. The high level of alcohol often contained in these types of mouth washes can be very harsh on other areas of your mouth.

Calling time

It’s not without good reason that whitening strips come with instructions for the length of time to use them. Leaving them in place for longer than instructed can make your teeth more sensitive and lead to unattractive blemishes. Be sure to keep your eye on the clock when using these products and don’t use them more than twice a year.

One size fits all

People’s features come in all different shapes and sizes which is why you shouldn’t be using the same size tray as everyone else (as is the case with home bleaching kits). A custom tray will ensure that the bleach goes where it needs to and nowhere else. Opting to use a “one size fits all” tray can result in painful chemical burns on your gums. Talk to your dentist in Battersea about having your teeth professionally whitened. He will take an impression of your mouth in order that a custom tray can be fabricated for use with a teeth whitening kit that he can give you to use at home. The total cost may be in the region of £250-£300 but is sure to deliver the results that you’re after. If you decide to go with a shop bought kit, then take care not to over-fill the tray. In this instance, less is definitely best.

If you’re considering tooth whitening then why not make get in touch with Glow Dental, your local Battersea dentist. Not only is professional tooth whitening safer and more effective but we'll also give you an oral examination to ensure that your teeth are sufficiently healthy to be whitened. Why not give us a call on 020 7223 7096 to make an appointment or visit our website at for more information on all the treatments that we provide.

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