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How Laser Dentistry Could Benefit You

Posted Date :        March 1, 2015
how laser dentistry could benefit you

Patients have been benefiting for many years from doctors using laser treatment to correct vision, improve blemished skin, and carry out less invasive surgery and now as a Battersea dentist we’re pleased to be able to offer a similar level of care for our patients with the use of laser dentistry. We use the Ezlase 940 laser in a wide variety of dental procedures to improve patient comfort and deliver better results. This type of treatment has many advantages over the more conventional method of using scalpels and stitches, so let’s take a look at how it could benefit you.

Improve your smile – People with excess gum tissue often have what is called a “gummy” smile and in some cases it makes their front teeth look irregular with regards to their shape and size. We can use the ezlase to gently remove excess tissue and contour the gum to enhance their smile.

Treat or prevent periodontal disease – On occasions we may suggest using the laser to remove food particles and bacteria trapped between the teeth and gum line which can lead to bleeding and/or receding gums and eventual tooth loss. The ezlase quickly kills bacteria and can stimulate the gums to promote healthy growth.

Removal of oral growths – Dr Hooman Sanaty also uses the ezlase to remove excess tissue inside the mouth such as small skin tags called “papilla” and growths known as “fibromas” as well as gum tissue that has formed over an un-erupted tooth.

Relieve the pain of cold sores and ulcers – Ulcers and cold sores may sometimes be tiny but they can be extremely painful and take an age to heal. We can use the laser to offer immediate relief by increasing the circulation of blood to the area which helps them heal quicker and minimises their development.

De-sensitising teeth – Sensitive teeth which cause discomfort to the individual when they come into contact with hot or cold foods and liquids can also be treated using the ezlase in a procedure which takes around 20 minutes for each tooth.

Laser dentistry can lessen the need for injections, anaesthetics and in some cases drills and does away with the post treatment numb lip. Used during gum surgery there is little, if any bleeding and both swelling and pain is greatly reduced during and after the procedure. Laser treatment really does offer the ultimate in patient comfort and may be of great help if you are what is classed as an “anxious dental patient”.

Early detection is often the key with laser dentistry and the sooner we detect problems the more likely it is that you may be a candidate for laser dentistry. Early detection also lessens the chances of you needing more extensive treatment in the months ahead such as root canal therapy or dental implants. So if you’re overdue your six month check then contact Glow Dental, your dentist in Battersea, on 020 7223 7096 to make an appointment. Meanwhile if you’d like to know more about laser dentistry check out our website at

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