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Treating White Spots: Icon Caries Infiltrant

Posted Date :        August 12, 2014
treating white spots in teeth

At Glow dental , on the Northcote Road, we have an amazing new minimally service which helps to restore early caries or white spots that develop around orthodontic brackets, or in treatment of fluorosis.

While white spot lesions are often seen when orthodontic bands and brackets are removed, they can also be caused by incipient caries that stopped progressing and remineralized. Other potential causes include fluorosis, hypoplasia, hypocalcification, erosion, tetracycline staining, xerostomia, and trauma.

Only recently introduced in the United States, Icon caries infiltration is truly a novel technology for arresting dental caries.

A simple one-visit procedure can arrest the progression of early enamel lesions and remove white spot lesions with no drilling or anaesthesia, while protecting and preserving healthy tooth structure.

Icon’s micro-invasive infiltration technology is designed to treat both smooth-surface lesions as well and proximal carious lesions up to the first third of dentin.

Mechanism of Caries Infiltration: Icon

As long as the surface of a lesion remains intact there is a possibility for arrest or remineralization.

These early lesions can be infiltrated with an unfilled low viscosity light cured resin (Icon) and halt the progress of the demineralization.

In addition to halting the progression of the demineralization, treatment with infiltration changes the appearance of the lesion. The white spot is masked due to reduction of light scattering. The refraction index of the Icon is similar to enamel and so the white spot lesion is virtually “erased,” giving an excellent cosmetic result.

The method is straightforward and the results are immediate and permanent.

At glow dental in Battersea , being at the cutting edge of dentistry , we are able to offer this minimally invasive treatment . Feel free to contact us to find out more

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