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What Makes White Fillings Last??

Posted Date :        February 19, 2014
white fillings

Have you ever heard that white fillings don’t last?? After all they are meant to be bonded onto the tooth surface!!

Well this is a myth… white fillings can last a very long time provided that they are placed well, using the right materials in the right kind of cavity, in a water and oil free environment.

Although the choice of materials and bonding agents are very important, the most important factor is the technique the dentist uses for the bonding.

If the tooth surface is contaminated with water, blood or saliva during the bonding procedure, then the chemical bond that should exist between the filling and the tooth is non- existent from day one, hence the filling leaks and fails very quickly.

However if the bonding procedure is carried out using equipment and techniques that avoids the contamination of the tooth surface before bonding, then they can last very well.

Regular brushing and flossing is of course required to get the maximum life span from the fillings.

At Glow Dental in Battersea we use the latest techniques and materials and are able to do these procedures predictably well…. The use of technology helps in the technical field of dentistry!!

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