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Secrets to Beat Bad Breat....

Posted Date :       September 6, 2016
Beat Bad Breath


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How your dentist can trea....

Posted Date :       March 6, 2016
bad breath

Many patients visit the dentist complaining of bad breath. Here at Glow Dental in Battersea, our focus is on preven...

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Coming to Dental Senses: ....

Posted Date :       September 3, 2015
Reasons Behind Sensitive Teeth

Having sensitive teeth can keep you from enjoying some of life’s most simple pleasures. For example, ice cream and...

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Three Health Repercussion....

Posted Date :       August 27, 2015
Repercussions of Poor Dental Hygiene

The condition of your mouth says a lot about your health. That said, taking care of it is technically taking care of you...

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Spit Happens: The Growth ....

Posted Date :       July 19, 2015
spit happens the growth of bacteria plaque and tartar

Human saliva performs numerous functions in digestion and oral health. It prevents us from choking on food, helps u...

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How Poor Dental Hygiene D....

Posted Date :       June 24, 2015
dental hygiene damages

The time has come for people to understand how crucial dental hygiene is for our health. It does not only affe...

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