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Coming To Dental Senses: Reasons Behind Sensitive Teeth

Posted Date :        September 3, 2015
Reasons Behind Sensitive Teeth

Having sensitive teeth can keep you from enjoying some of life’s most simple pleasures. For example, ice cream and coffee can make you scowl in pain or you cannot eat your fruit slices without complaining how agonizing it is to bite on them. Similarly, brushing and flossing becomes hard work.

The tooth is protected by enamel. It covers the microscopic holes or canals in the teeth. When the enamel is worn away, heat and cold can pass through these holes and come in contact with the teeth’s sensitive nerves. This is what causes pain.

While tooth enamel is durable, it gets damaged over time, especially if it is exposed to harsh components found in food and drinks. Certain habits may also heighten sensitivity. Listed below are some of the reasons behind sensitive teeth:

You Love Sour Foods

Sour foods, from lemons to pickles, contain acid. This substance can wear away your teeth’s enamel. If the dentin is already exposed, you are likely to experience pain when the acid touches your teeth’s nerves.

You are an Aggressive Brusher

Brushing your teeth aggressively can expose your tooth’s dentin, allowing heat, cold and acids touch the dental nerves. Using mouthwash also has the same effect. Aggressive brushing may hasten gum recession, which may expose your teeth’s roots. When this happens, you will feel extreme sensitivity.

Your Gums are in Bad Shape

Periodontal diseases, such as gingivitis, may cause damage on the pockets or the spaces between your teeth. These pockets become a breeding ground for bacteria, which are the main agents that cause tooth decay. Tooth decay can damage the enamel in the long run. Periodontal diseases can also speed up gum recession.

Bruxism, poor dental hygiene and cracked teeth are also factors that cause dental sensitivity. If you have been experiencing symptoms of tooth sensitivity, you may visit our clinic or contact our patient services department. Visit our other pages to learn more about our services.

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