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Spit Happens: The Growth Of Bacteria, Plaque And Tartar

Posted Date :        July 19, 2015
spit happens the growth of bacteria plaque and tartar

Human saliva performs numerous functions in digestion and oral health. It prevents us from choking on food, helps us taste what we put inside our mouths, breaks down starch, fights germs, protects tooth enamel and helps keep dentures securely in place.

Despite the many roles saliva plays, it also hosts an entire ecology of more than 500 different species of bacteria. Some live in the mouth benignly and even help with the mouth’s processes, but some are responsible for certain diseases and dental problems.

Plaque Power

Five minutes after you brush your teeth, the bacteria from your saliva begins to attach to newly formed pellicle. After two to three hours, they form a biofilm that leads to a solid layer of plaque visible to the naked eye.

In protected areas of the mouth, bacterial colonies grow into thick structures known as mature plaque. If the plaque is undisturbed by brushing or flossing, it can grow as thick as one millimetre and consist of more than 300 bacteria types.

Dental Calculus

In such large colonies, the tooth experiences lack of oxygen. For the bacteria to continue extracting energy from food, they switch to fermentation. This results to the plaque mineralising. The calcium and phosphate from saliva then hardens and leads to dental calculus.

Dental calculus, more commonly known as tartar, cannot be helped by brushing anymore. Only a dental professional can remove it during an oral cleaning. Glow Dental champions proper hygiene. Regular dental check-ups with us is an essential part of keeping your mouth in peak condition.

From scaling and polishing through to the treatment of bad breath and restoring discoloured teeth, our team can make sure that you prevent dental problems from happening.We can assess condition of your mouth and set up a cleaning programme that will leave your teeth feeling like brand new.

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