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Three Health Repercussions Of Poor Dental Hygiene

Posted Date :        August 27, 2015
Repercussions of Poor Dental Hygiene

The condition of your mouth says a lot about your health. That said, taking care of it is technically taking care of your whole body.

As your mouth is an orifice, bacteria and other disease-causing organisms can easily access it and form biofilms. This, in turn, affects your body in ways you might have not considered. This is why it is important to maintain good oral hygiene.

We have listed down some health problems whose immediate or indirect cause is poor oral hygiene.

Heart Diseases

The infection and inflammation of the gums give bacteria and other microorganisms access to the rest of your body via the bloodstream. This increases your odds of having a heart disease. These microorganisms may cause blood clots, which in turn make the arteries narrow. The flow of blood to the organ will be compromised, possibly resulting in a heart attack.

Problematic Pregnancy

Pregnancy comes with some dental repercussions. While expecting, the woman’s body undergoes many changes. The fluctuating levels of hormones affect a woman’s body’s response to oral bacteria and other microorganisms, which may have an effect on pregnancy. It is suggested that the inflammation-causing bacteria may get into the bloodstream and reach the foetus, possibly leading to a premature birth.

Vulnerability to Dementia Risks

A study from the University of Central Lancashire suggests that poor dental health may lead to Alzheimer’s. Just like in the two cases mentioned, the bacteria associated with hum disease enter the bloodstream, and may enter the brain eventually. The study says that the bacteria may trigger immune system responses by already primed brain cells, causing the release of chemicals that kill neurons.

These are only some of the consequences of poor dental hygiene. A lack of hygiene is also associated with other conditions such as osteoporosis and respiratory problems. Other than brushing and flossing, regular visits to a dentist should be part of your routine.

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