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Retaining The Structure Of Your Mouth With Dental Implants

Posted Date :        August 31, 2015
Mouth Structure Retaining with Dental Implants

When you compare them with dentures and temporary tooth replacements, dental implants are a better investment and a longer-lasting solution for missing teeth. The replacement crown is indistinguishable from your natural teeth and even surpasses them in strength and durability.

Strength and durability are not the only benefits of using implants over temporary replacements. Aside from never having to worry about your teeth falling off again, it allows you to retain the shape of your face that would otherwise change due to bone loss in the jaw.

Maintaining a Youthful Look

Most people do not know that when we lose our teeth, the bone that serves as their foundation starts getting absorbed back into the body. This is called resorption and is a natural process that the body undergoes, as it is trying to repurpose the leftover bone into something useful.

There is a downside, though. As the bone in your jaw disintegrates, your face starts to sag, as there is nothing holding the dental tissue in place; this is most noticeable for people who have lost more than one tooth. Additionally, the remaining teeth (if there are any left) start moving, which causes the alignment to go awry.

Dental implants do not necessarily prevent this from happening since it is a natural process, but they do slow it down. When we fit a titanium screw into the space in the jaw where the tooth used to take root, it ‘tricks’ the body into thinking that the tooth is still there. This allows the face to retain its shape and prevent the remaining teeth from shifting.

Teeth Right Where They Belong

Implants are permanent fixtures in your mouth. You do not need to take them out and put them in a glass when you are eating or sleeping. Since they act and feel like natural teeth, you will not experience any problems talking or eating, and there is no risk of them falling out of your mouth. You will also be able to eat your favourite food without the risk of getting cavities, although you still need to brush and rinse properly to keep your gums and remaining teeth healthy.

At Glow Dental, we offer dental implants that are long-term solutions for your missing teeth. Contact us today for more information about our other dental treatments and services.

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