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The Root Causes Of Dental Phobia In Children

Posted Date :        September 10, 2015
Causes of Dental Phobia in Children

Dental phobia causes a serious anxiety condition that even the thought of visiting a dentist could bring out an intense uneasiness. In worst cases, children may bring the phobia well into adulthood and affect how they take care of their oral hygiene. It is best to understand why this condition takes place, so parents can help their child overcome the fear and improve their quality of life.

Traumatic First Dental Experience

dental phobiaChildren who have no idea about what happens during a dentist visit are highly likely to develop dental phobia. The fear of the unknown affects the mind regardless of age, so it is best to set their expectations beforehand. The more they know, the less they will overthink what could happen. The dentist may be the reason, as well. Some children develop dental phobia because the dentist fails to discuss what they are doing in words that are easier for children to understand.

Stories from People Around Them

Scary stories from family members, friends and even the media may be a contributing factor in developing dental phobia. Due to the innocent nature of children, they might believe everything they see or hear. When they remain clueless, it might lead them to exaggerate and fear the dentist more.

Parents Pass Down the Phobia

Studies show that parents who are afraid of the dentist may unconsciously pass down the phobia to their children. As the adult, you could be instilling fear to your children by not addressing your own phobia. They see you as their role model, so when you show your fear of the dentist, then they might think dental visits are indeed something to be afraid of.

At Glow Dental, we know that children have some level of fear when visiting the dentist. Our child-friendly treatment aims to put your child at ease, so they will not develop a phobia as they grow older. Contact us today and schedule an appointment for more information about dental treatments.

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