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Posted Date :        February 10, 2014
tell show do

This blog is guest written by Glow Dental’s popular Paediatric dentist Dr Marie Baldo

I have always been really interested in children dentistry.

My main concern is to make my young patients’ first experience fun, painless and fearfree.

I have developed strategies for assisting young people to overcome their fears and anxieties. One of these strategies is the TELL-SHOW-DO technique.

In the first part of the method, the dentist TELLS the child about the procedure to be performed, explaining the steps in uncomplicated terms and drawing associations with other, more familiar childhood experiences. One common approach for young children is to count their teeth.

Then, the dentist SHOWS the procedure in an exploratory way. When it is safe to do so, children are allowed to touch or handle the equipment so that they can examine the sounds, smells, sights, and sensations of the procédure.

Some Objects such as sharp, pointed instruments are sometimes hidden to avoid frightening the child.

As the child gains confidence, he or she receives positive reinforcement : « good job ! well done !»

Finally, once the child is sufficiently calm, the dentist performs the procédure : DO, taking care to follow all steps exactly as described.

The dentist will sometimes also provide analogies for the sensations the child is able to feel, again using common childhood experiences that the patient can relate to.

Tell-Show-Do is a useful method for helping children to feel more comfortable at the dentist’s office.

Tell-Show-Do is a cornerstone of pediatric dentistry. It is successful with many children and even with some adults.

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