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4 Facts To Consider Before Getting Braces

Posted Date :        March 29, 2015
4 facts to consider before getting braces

There was a time when braces were the preserve of teenagers but with the rising popularity of adult orthodontics it’s hardly surprising that more people than ever are researching the benefits and treatment options for straightening their crooked teeth. No longer it is necessary for a dentist to refer a patient to an orthodontist, and indeed private referrals have seen a huge spike over recent years. As such, we thought it would be an idea to post a blog on 4 important facts that you should know if you’re considering braces. Whether you’re looking for an orthodontist in Battersea or still weighing up your options, why not take a read?

Age knows no limits

We are seeing a steady rise in adults seeking orthodontic treatment. Provided you’ve got healthy teeth and gums there’s no age limit when it comes to having treatment and if you’re are of a more mature age shall we say, and seeking treatment, then you’re certainly not alone. At any timer of life there are certain benefits to having your teeth straightened, so don’t be put off by your age.

Your bite it as important as your smile is pretty

Braces don’t just restore your smile so that it looks more attractive. They also help to correct your bite where necessary by making sure that your top and bottom teeth meet correctly. A bad bite can cause facial pain as well as other problems, and even if you feel your teeth are straight, there could be more work to be done.

More than one type of brace

Although you may decide to opt for traditional metal braces, as a Battersea orthodontist we offer a variety of treatments including Lingual, Damon and Invisalign braces. Battersea patients often ask if they can have clear braces since they don’t want friends knowing they are wearing them and with systems such as Invisalign, which uses transparent aligners to straighten the teeth, there’s no giveaway signs of wires and brackets fixed to the teeth. Similarly, Lingual braces are worn behind the teeth, so again they’re extremely discreet. Each case needs to be treated individually, since not every type of brace is suitable for all patients, so have a chat with your orthodontist to see what he recommends. Usually there are several options and ways to complete treatment.

Wearing a retainer

Having invested your hard earned cash into getting the perfect smile you’ve been dreaming of, the last thing you want is for your teeth to move back into their old positions once your brace is removed. You’ll be given a retainer once your braces come off and you’ll need to make sure that you wear it as instructed. You’ll barely notice that you’re wearing it, and in no time at all, it will simply become part of your daily routine.

If you’re considering braces then come and speak to Glow Dental. We fit dental braces in Battersea on a regular basis and provide numerous options. Call us today on 020 7223 7096 to make an appointment or visit our website at where you’ll find plenty more information on types of braces.

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