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Do Adults Really Wear Braces?

Posted Date :        March 31, 2015
do adults really wear braces

It used to be that braces were thought of as being just for children but you’d be surprised how many adults wear dental braces in Battersea. Here at Glow Dental we often see adults who have developed problems with their gums and teeth in adulthood because they didn’t receive orthodontic treatment when they were children. Others wore braces, but failed to wear the prescribed retainers to hold their teeth in their new position once their treatment came to an end, and as a result their teeth became misaligned and crooked.

Can you ever be too old for braces?

Orthodonticsis for everyone and not just limited to children and young adults. In fact we’re seeing more adults having orthodontic treatment in later life as they come to hear about advances in dental technology which allow for such things as clear braces which are virtually invisible. With people living longer and wanting to look younger, adults are turning to orthodontics as one way of making themselves look better.

Reasons to get braces when you’re older

Adults get braces for a variety of reasons. It may be to increase their self confidence by means of a new image, or perhaps they’re starting a different job and want to look their best. The thing is, not only does orthodontics in Battersea restore your smile but it also helps you retain your teeth for longer. Crooked teeth are difficult to clean and often wear unevenly. Gums can become inflamed and this can lead to eventual tooth loss. By straightening and aligning your teeth with a brace, it makes it far easier to brush and floss your teeth making for a healthier mouth.

How does adult orthodontic treatment feel?

It feels just the same at any age. You may feel some initial discomfort when your brace is first fitted and as your teeth begin to move they may ache a little and your gums and cheeks may even feel sore. However, it’s only like wearing a new pair of shoes for the first time until they soften up and get worn-in. Also, it’s quite common for your teeth to feel slightly loose, but don’t worry, they’re not about to fall out. Each time your brace is adjusted you’ll experience slight discomfort, but it shouldn’t last for long. Remember, you’re going to end up with a great smile.

Is it possible to get straight teeth without wearing braces?

It is possible to straighten your teeth without unsightly metal wires. One of the latest technologies is clear braces in Battersea, which use clear plastic custom-made aligners which fit over the teeth and are almost invisible. Systems such as Invisalign and 6 Month Smile are fast to work and very discreet too.

If you’re of a more mature age and looking to restore your crooked smile, then why not come and talk to Dr Hooman Sanaty and the team at Glow Dental. He’ll explain all your options and draw up a treatment plan. If you decide to go ahead the next step will involve X-rays and record taking and a week or so later, you’ll have an appointment to fit your brace. Call us today on 020 7223 7096 to book a free cosmetic consultation or visit our website at where you’ll find plenty of information on all the treatments that we offer.

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