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Simply Does It – A Quicker Way To Straight Teeth

Posted Date :        March 4, 2015
a quicker way to straight teeth

These days it seems that more and more emphasis is placed on having a perfect smile and indeed for many people a winning smile can help them attract a potential partner, further them in their career, and generally make them feel more confident and self-assured. A crooked smile can seem endearing in some people, but for others it can be something that constantly niggles and that they’d like to put right. The trouble is adults in particular don’t relish the thought of wearing traditional metal braces but if you only need a minor correction, then as an orthodontist in Battersea, we can suggest an alternative which doesn’t require brackets or wires, such as Simpli5 clear aligners. The name is a bit of a giveaway as to what this system entails, which quite simply is a course of five aligners that can be used to correct lower or upper teeth. Virtually invisible, this system is ideal for those patients who want to correct their teeth without visibly broadcasting that fact to everyone.

So what are the benefits of Simpli5?

  • The custom aligners are relatively quick to craft and the consequent procedure generally takes between 10 and 20 weeks from start to finish.
  • The aligners can be removed as necessary to make it easier to eat and drink and to clean and floss your teeth, after which they can easily be placed back into position.
  • You can see your crooked smile starting to improve before treatment is even complete, so this will fill you with renewed confidence.
  • Most of our patients state that the aligners are really comfortable and that they almost forget they’re wearing them – now that has to be a bonus!
  • Since the aligners are made from clear plastic they can’t be seen from a distance and even if a person gets really close, they’re extremely difficult to detect.
  • Price wise, Simpli5 is cheaper than other forms of clear braces in Battersea.

To determine if Simpli5 is a suitable treatment for you, Dr Hooman Sanaty will ask for you to attend a consultation to look at the health of your teeth plus as well this gives you a chance to get your questions answered. If it’s decided to go ahead, the next stage will consist of taking impressions of your teeth which will be used to generate a 3D image of your smile and to help fabricate your custom aligners. Each aligner is worn for around 4 weeks during which time the teeth gently move into position. When the aligner becomes loose then you move onto the next in the series, and so on until all 5 have been worn. You will need to attend regular appointments to check on your progress and since everyone is different times generally vary from one patient to another.

If you’d like to find out more about Simpli5 then why not book an appointment with Glow Dental today by calling 020 7223 7096. You may also like to check out our website at where you’ll find more information on Battersea clear braces and the other treatments we offer.

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