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The Proper Ways Of Taking Care Of Your Braces

Posted Date :        May 11, 2015
the proper ways of taking care of your braces

Now that you have braces, you can proudly say that you are already halfway to having that stunning smile. Having braces, however, comes with some responsibilities. Whilst these devices work wonders to straighten your teeth, these are unfortunately not self-cleaning or self-fixing.

You have to take care of your braces; otherwise, you run the risk of endangering your dental health. Bacteria-rich plaque can thrive around those brackets. When not removed immediately, the calculus will erode your teeth’s enamel and may even affect your gums.

At Glow Dental, it is our responsibility to educate you about the proper ways of looking after your dental health. In this article, we provide some tips on taking care of your braces.

The Right Food

As you are already wearing braces, you need to be selective of the food you will eat. Avoid hard and sticky foods as much as possible. You should do away with gum, toffee, caramel chews, and liquorice. Limit the consumption of peanuts, hard biscuits, crispy chips, and certain fruits and vegetables (unless cut into bite-size pieces). Reduce the times you are partaking of sugary items, as these can induce the thriving of bacteria.

The Right Way of Cleaning

You should spend more time cleaning your teeth. Apart from using your regular toothbrush, floss the areas between your teeth to remove plaque and food debris. Floss the wire, too. If you’re not a fan of flossing, we recommend that you use interdental toothbrush, which can fit into the space between your teeth and the brackets easily.

When You are Wearing Retainer

If you are already wearing a retainer, you should clean it thoroughly before and after use. Rinse it off using cold or warm (not hot) water. Use a cleaning solution, but if you want some home remedy, you can clean it with baking soda.

These are only some ways to take care of your braces. Following these tips will optimise the aligning functions of your braces. Be updated and informed by checking this blog regularly. Get in touch with us today for more information.

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