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5 Ways To Take Care Of Your Mouth And Teeth This Christmas

Posted Date :        December 9, 2016
plan your oral health in this christmas

Now we are in the festive season there will be sweets, mice pies aplenty and Christmas cake galore!. As the festivities get under way, everyone is filled with Christmas spirit, and a lot more besides!  But as we celebrate we should not forget about our teeth. Our oral health is important as there is nothing like tooth ache to spoil your Christmas! Here are some tips to help look after your teeth and gums during Christmas and New Year.

  • Avoid eating too much cake and pudding: Clearly we don’t want to be bah humbugs at Christmas but trying to cut down just a little will help and of course after eating all those sweet things then make sure you brush well!
  • Keep to your routine:  Keep up your oral cleaning routine and brush and floss just as you would all the rest of the year.  Just because it is the holiday season does not mean that you should take a holiday from your oral health.
  • Choose cheese: Cheese has benefits for our teeth. Teeth are maintained at their natural acidic balance by the properties found in cheese. Chewing sugar free gums is another good way of helping our teeth fight off cavities in between those calorie and sugar rich meals, as it produces saliva that is a natural cleaner for our teeth.
  • Use a bottle opener: Have you ever opened a bottle with your teeth? It is something that youngsters often do to show off but a broken tooth in the middle of the party season will definitely put a crimp in your style. Use a bottle opener to open bottles and keep your teeth for eating all that delicious food.
  • Leave the cracking to the crackers: There are plenty of hard foods that are delightfully Christmassy like toffee, roasted chestnuts and ginger snaps. But make sure your roasted chestnuts are sufficiently roasted and the ginger snaps aren't too snappy to prevent a fractured tooth that can quickly put a damper on your Christmas spirit!

We always say that an important part of dental health depends on eating a healthy diet.  At Christmas that is not quite so easy to stick to!   But brushing flossing and taking care not to go to bed without cleaning your teeth, no matter how full of Christmas cheer you are, will go a long way to keeping your moth and teeth in tip top condition over the holidays.

Apart from these safety tips, you also need to have a healthy diet while you are involved in the celebrations. Thus, if you want to have a straighter and even smile before the joyous occasion, avail Christmas special offers on invisalign at Glow Dental in Battersea.

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