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Oral Cancer: Telltale Signs To Watch Out For

Posted Date :        July 16, 2015
oral cancer

It can be difficult to tell if the simple sore in the mouth is actually a sign that there’s more serious things going on in your body. Oral cancer, although a bit unlikely, is a very real concern and threat. When not detected at the earliest possible time, it may even become fatal.

Reducing the risks

Although men are more likely to develop cancer than women, there is a range of risk factors that further the development of oral cancers. People who smoke are six times more likely to develop oral cancers than non-smokers, and this includes ‘smokeless’ tobacco that is either dipped, sniffed, or chewed; the same percentage goes for alcoholics and people who are subject to excessive sun exposure. People who have a family history of cancer, as well as those suffering from Human papillomavirus (HPV), are also at risk of getting oral cancer.

Signs and Symptoms

It is important to know the telltale signs and symptoms of oral cancer to reduce the possibility of the disease spreading and aggravating further. Bleeding sores in the mouth that do not go away within two weeks is just one of the symptoms of oral cancer; the formation of crusts and rough spots around the gums, lips, as well as red and white patches inside the mouth are signs that the disease is spreading. Unexplained bleeding and sudden loss of feeling or numbness is also a sure sign of oral cancer, especially if the pain or tenderness extends to a certain part of the face or neck.

Another way to tell if you may have oral cancer is if you experience difficulty in speaking, chewing and swallowing food, and moving the tongue and jaw. People who experience this also lose weight dramatically due to the difficulty in eating food confounded with the strain the disease puts on the body.

If you have dentures, oral cancer also changes the way your teeth fit together, and your false teeth may no longer fit properly as the disease progresses further.

Screening for these symptoms is important for you to find out the ways you can reduce the risk of oral cancer developing. At Glow Dental, we provide hi-tech oral cancer screening to ease your anxieties and grant you peace of mind. Arrange a consultation with us today.

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