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Removable Orthodontics: Why Patient Discipline Is Crucial

Posted Date :        July 8, 2015
removable orthodontics

Being removable is one of the biggest advantages of Invisalign, the Inman Aligner, and similar orthodontic appliances. Compared to conventional braces, you can live life without having to worry about unsightly metal brackets and wires getting in the way.

You can eat anything you like, and just put the braces back on when you are finished. If you are posing for pictures or attending an important social event, you can remove them as well and flash a winning smile. Oral hygiene is also much easier, as you can brush and floss without obstructions.

This removability, however, can also be a significant disadvantage if the patient lacks discipline. When a patient does not follow the dentist’s instructions and neglects wearing their braces, the treatment can have less than ideal results.

Why Do Patients Need to be Well-Disciplined?

For any orthodontic treatment to work, the braces must stay on your teeth for the vast majority of the day. The longer you wear them, the more effective they are at their job. This is why the effectiveness of your removable appliances is directly related to how disciplined you are at keeping them on.

When a patient starts forgetting to put their Invisalign or other aligner back on for extended periods, this compromises the treatment. The teeth begin to shift back to their original position, and you might find that your aligners no longer fit properly. You may have to wear them for months longer than planned, significantly adding to the treatment’s difficulty and your expenses.

This is also why adults tend to make better candidates for removable aligners than teenagers. You need to have a certain level of diligence and responsibility, so it is important for the patient to be realistic. Do you think that you will have trouble keeping the braces on long enough? If so, our lingual, Damon, or traditional braces may be the best solution for you.

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