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Smoking And How It Affects Your Braces

Posted Date :        August 2, 2015
smoking affects dental braces

Dental braces are dentists’ answer to crooked or crowded teeth. There are times, however, that dental braces do not produce ideal results. Some factors influence the effectiveness of dental braces in treating malocclusion; smoking is one of them.

Smoking may ruin dental treatments, according to a study. A European Working Group on tobacco and oral health found that tobacco could stop dental implants, such as replacement teeth and other dental work, from being effective. Dental treatments were more likely to be rejected for patients that smoke whilst their effectiveness increased for those who stopped smoking beforehand.

How Smoking Affects Your Braces

Oral health experts note that smoking can adversely affect the performance of orthodontic treatments. The nicotine content in tobacco may cause stains on the braces especially for those wearing clear aligners. In worst cases, smoking may even hinder the braces’ ability to align teeth.

Tissues and bones need to be free of disease-causing bacteria for braces to take effect. Tobacco increases the risk of developing gum disease, a condition that leads to tooth and bone loss. Changes in the mouth may affect the braces’ function and render them ineffective.

Excessive use of tobacco may lead to more costs and hassles for the wearer, as well. Dentists perform orthodontic treatments with expected results. Smoking can change those projections and make people wear braces longer, causing more pain and dental expenses for wearers.

Prevention and Treatment

Dentists strongly advise patients to stop smoking when wearing braces. Smokers should remove lighters, tobacco and other paraphernalia that would remind them of the habit. They should keep their distance from other smokers to prevent relapse. Getting busy with other activities will distract them from the habit, as well.

It is the responsibility of wearers to take care of their braces. Smoking will sabotage your efforts to improve your teeth. A break from the habit, combined with regular dental appointments and treatments, will help make your teeth makeover successful. Dentists in Battersea provide a range of orthodontic treatments to improve the appearance of your smile. Consult orthodontists in Battersea for more information about dental braces.

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