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Toothache Does Not Always Mean Extraction

Posted Date :        July 1, 2015
toothache does not always mean extraction

For some people who experience toothaches, this is what usually comes in their mind: “Do I have to let a dentist pull my teeth out?” It is an amazing yet alarming thought at the same time. Whilst it is heartening to know that people think of dentist first-hand, it almost gives the impression that the dentists’ primary function is to extract teeth.

On the contrary, dentists exist to save people’s teeth, not ruin it. They use various dental procedures to make sure that losing your teeth is the least option. One of these procedures is the root canal treatment, a relief and precautionary measure against common tooth problems.

What is it?

When a person has tooth decay, trauma or gum disease, the tooth’s nerves die and cause toothaches. Dentists apply root canal treatment when tooth decay is causing or will most probably cause permanent damage to the pulp. The method prevents tooth loss or the need for extraction, dental implant, denture or bridge.

The procedure involves removing the pulp in the centre of the teeth and filling the pulp cavity. Dentists use local anaesthetic to perform the procedure, making it a painless alternative. They use drills, filling materials and other tools to salvage the infected tooth. In some cases, dentists use of crowns or onlays to restore the teeth to their original condition.

Why need it?

Complications may arise if tooth decay is left untreated. Bacteria may transfer to adjacent teeth, causing more decay or infection. These may enter the bloodstream and infect other parts of the body, as well. People with weak immune systems or heart problems may suffer more illnesses.

Tooth extraction does not stop infection as the problem goes deeper. The neighbouring teeth may become misaligned without something to support them. Root canal treatment relieves pain, heals teeth and prevents the spread of infection to other areas at the same time.

Toothaches do not always mean immediate extraction. Dental treatments vary depending on the state of your teeth. Consult a dentist to find out if root canal treatment is applicable to you. Glow Dental provides root canal treatments and other dental procedures to repair the damaged teeth. We do what we can to save people’s teeth without requiring immediate extraction. Call us or visit our office today.

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