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3 Reasons To Visit Your Dentist For Tooth Whitening

Posted Date :        February 25, 2015
3 Reasons To Visit Your Dentist For Tooth Whitening

We’ve noticed a marked increase in patients visiting us for tooth whitening in Battersea as they strive to achieve a lighter, brighter smile. Smoking stains the teeth as do certain types of food and drink including coffee and tea, red wine, and the nation’s favourite food, curry.

What is meant by tooth whitening?

Tooth whitening is carried out by bleaching the teeth to lighten them. It won’t make them brilliant white but it can lighten their existing colour by several shades. A visit to your local supermarket or online will reveal an overwhelming choice of tooth whitening products including tooth whitening toothpastes and gels, whitening strips and home kits containing bleach to be worn in mouthguards. With so many products readily available why should a person visit their dentist in Battersea for a tooth whitening treatment?

1. Safety

Many kits simply don’t contain enough of the whitening ingredient to be effective. What’s more, unless a dentist is doing the whitening, the one size fits all mouthguard included in a home kit is unlikely to fit properly. This could mean that the whitening gel leaks out on to the gums and into the mouth causing blistering and sensitivity. Whitening tooth pastes may seem harmless enough but they are often extremely abrasive and if used too frequently can damage the tooth enamel.

2. Knowledge

All people are different and while one method of tooth whitening may suit one patient, it may not suit another. We offer various methods of tooth whitening and once we’ve given you an oral examination we’ll discuss firstly whether whitening is a viable option for you and secondly what method would be best. In some cases dental whitening isn’t suitable if a person has gum disease for instance or crowns.

3. Custom-fit treatment

If you have tooth whitening carried out by a Battersea dentist it will usually involve a few visits to the clinic. Your dentist will take an impression of your mouth so that a custom mouthguard can be fabricated. If a home kit is recommended then he’ll instruct you on how to use the mouthguard with the whitening gel. This usually involves wearing the mouthguard at home overnight for a specified number of nights after which you’ll return to the dental clinic to have your progress checked. With some tooth whitening systems you may need an additional laser whitening treatment which ensures that the bleaching effect is even over all the teeth to give a natural appearance. Laser whitening is also known as power whitening. This involves a bleaching agent being painted onto the teeth and then a special light or laser shone on them to activate the whitening process.

We use various tooth whitening systems including Enlighten which is more gentle than other treatments and less likely to cause sensitivity. Together with Dr Hooman Sanaty's experience you'll be told just what results to expect as well as ways in which you can help maintain your new smile for longer. If you’d like to find out more then why not call to book a free cosmetic consultation by calling 020 7223 7096.You can also find out more information on all our treatments by visiting our web site at

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