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Debunking 4 Of The Most Common Tooth Whitening Myths

Posted Date :        April 16, 2015
Common Tooth Whitening Myths

Here at Glow Dental one of our most popular cosmetic treatments is teeth whitening. In Battersea it seems that people are keener than ever before to have a set of gleaming white teeth and it’s true that this is an important part of a makeover which can completely transform how a person feels about themselves and totally raise their confidence levels.

Home remedies and whiteness enhancing toothpastes all offer gleaming white smiles but in reality these are usually time consuming, tedious, and often have very little effect. Conversely there are a number of simple and safe whitening treatments which can be carried out by your Battersea dentist which offer speedy and effective results for men and women. However, despite teeth whitening being one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in cities all over the UK there are still several myths surrounding it. So let’s take a look at 4 of the most common.

Teeth become sensitive  

FACT – It’s true that for people who already have a history of sensitive teeth, then for a few patients their teeth can temporarily become sensitive. However, we’re able to offer certain teeth whitening treatments that use gels that contain lower levels of hydrogen peroxide and which help prevent sensitivity during and after treatment. Generally any sensitivity lasts for little more than a couple of days.

Damages the enamel

FACT – Unless the wrong proportions of whitening paste or gel are used, then teeth whitening does not affect the tooth enamel in any way, it merely makes teeth brighter and whiter. All of the treatments that we use have undergone rigorous testing to make sure they are safe to use.

It hurts

FACT – Teeth whitening treatments are safe and do not cause pain. However, if you were to do it yourself at home using an over the counter product and the bleaching agent touched your gums then it could cause discomfort and in worse case scenarios burn your gums. We use custom made bleach trays which ensure a tight fit preventing any leakage of bleach to your gums or other areas of the mouth.

Can cause mouth cancer

FACT – There is no evidence that mouth cancer can be caused by teeth whitening.

If you’re considering tooth whitening in Battersea then why not contact Glow Dental. We offer a variety of different whitening methods since everyone is different and not all methods suit all people. Dr. Hooman Sanaty will take a look at your teeth and discuss what’s right for you. To find out more or to arrange an appointment then call us today on 020 7223 7096 or visit our website at to learn more about all the treatments that we provide.

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