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Quick And Easy Ways To Whiten Teeth In Battersea

Posted Date :        August 9, 2015
Quick and Easy Ways to Whiten Teeth In Battersea

Are you fed up with having teeth that look discoloured or stained? If so then you have probably considered teeth whitening in London. There are various ways this can be done including teeth whitening toothpaste, whitening mouthwash or even some sort of home whitening kit. However if you’ve already tried these methods then you’ll know they don’t do very much to change the overall colour of your teeth, so what can you do if you’d like the effects to be somewhat more dramatic? In fact there are several things, and some may also help benefit your dental health.

If you haven’t had a proper check-up for a while then begin by booking an appointment with Dr Hooman Sanaty at Glow Dental. At the same time, book an appointment with one of our friendly hygienists. It’s important to have a proper check-up before carrying out any type of tooth whitening treatment as your teeth mustn’t have any signs of disease. If they do these will need to be treated and completely cleared up as otherwise you might find bleaching your teeth rather uncomfortable or even unpleasant. This is because the bleach will be able to penetrate your teeth in areas where you have decay or gum disease, and as you can imagine this is likely to cause quite a lot of sensitivity or even pain.

In addition, Dr Sanaty will be able to advise you if tooth whitening is the right way to go about lightning the shade of your teeth. Although this treatment works extremely well for most people, there are occasions where it isn’t quite so effective, for example on teeth that have tetracycline stains or which are internally stained in some other way, perhaps due to root canal therapy having darkened the tooth in the past.

Having your teeth professionally cleaned can do quite a bit to brighten them up, at least as much as using tooth whitening toothpaste or mouthwash. This is because teeth can begin to look discoloured if calculus or tartar is allowed to build up on them. Tartar consists of hardened plaque bacteria and can look quite yellow. Its removal will help keep your teeth and gums healthy as this treatment reduces the risk of gum disease. Treatment is finished off through having your teeth gently polished, another process that helps to lift some surface stains. It could be that you find this is all that’s required to help brighten up your smile, but otherwise we can help you with tooth whitening in Battersea.

Glow Dental offers patients take home tooth whitening kits which include custom-made whitening trays. These fits closely over your teeth, helping to prevent any tooth whitening gel from leaking out onto your gums. You’ll also find these whitening trays are comfortable to wear. All treatment is fully customised to take into account any tooth sensitivity you might have, and we will give you precise instructions on how long to use the trays each day.

Treatment really is that simple, and you should see results within just a few days, but you may need to use the trays for a couple of weeks to achieve the full effects. Afterwards you can expect the results to last for quite some time, and of course you’ll always have your custom-made whitening trays to touch up your teeth every so often. Professional tooth whitening in Leeds is by far the most effective and safest way to whiten your teeth, and it doesn’t even cost that much.

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