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Seeking That Perfect White Smile!

Posted Date :        July 16, 2013
perfect white smile

Some of our favourite beverages – coffee, fizzy soft drinks and wine – actually cause the most damage to our teeth when it comes to staining. With the beautiful beach season upon us, having pearly white teeth is even more important! For this reason there are options open to us as we try to fight off the frustrating effects that staining can have on our confidence, while maintaining perfect oral hygiene.

Laser treatments at your dentist's office are the most effective and thorough way to return your smile to its original pearly white glory. However, there are two downsides. The first is cost – a treatment package certainly isn’t cheap, although you can be confident that it will do the job with a professional and sparkly end result! The second, more problematic side effect is sensitivity: some people have reported an increase in sensitivity after having laser whitening, for the effect it can have on your enamel. Consequently, make sure you talk with your dentist before committing to this course of action – in some cases dentists can give you specially formulated anti-sensitivity toothpaste that will take the edge off any underlying problems.

For those who don’t wish to spend such money or pain on their smiles, there is another option. Over-the-counter or supermarket-bought whitening products do work, and although they require more treatments and may not offer the complete pearly white gleam of the dentist’s laser, they do protect your enamel. This treatment, therefore, is more suitable for those with sensitive teeth and gums, and will improve your smile by a number of shades of white on the whitening scale.

In the long term, people can also take preventive steps to protect that pearly white smile. Maintaining high levels of Vitamin D in the bloodstream is crucial to good health, and to good dental hygiene and teeth whiteness in general. Avoiding drinking too much of certain substances like coffee, gravy, blackcurrant, tea and red wine is another way to protect your teeth’s gleam, and to ward off any unsightly staining. Likewise, stopping smoking will stop your teeth from yellowing further.

Having an off-white smile can damage someone’s confidence and, ultimately, their happiness. Cutting out aggravating substances and practices are a great first step in seeking a whiter smile, which should then be combined with a dental treatment for that perfect pearly smile.

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