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Thinking Of Getting Your Teeth Whitened? Why It’s Best To Visit A Dentist

Posted Date :        April 20, 2015
Think to Get Whiter Teeth

If you’re considering tooth whitening in Battersea then you’re certainly not alone. Here at Glow Dental one of our most popular cosmetic treatments is teeth whitening; but having said that we’re very much aware that many people try to whiten their teeth themselves using over the counter products and some will be offered tooth whitening treatments by their beauticians.

Most over the counter products fail to live up to expectations and any beautician or salon offering tooth whitening treatments is on very shaky ground since under the Dentists Act of 1984 it is considered illegal for anyone who is not a dentist to provide such a service.

When you consider that a dentist spends years qualifying as a dentist and a beautician may only have spent a few months training in all aspects of services offered, then that ruling makes sense.

Naturally as dentists in Battersea we’re biased, but we’re firmly of the opinion that teeth whitening should be classed as a dental procedure and here’s the reasons why:

  • To become a dentist a person undergoes a minimum of 5 years study at dental school followed by one or two years of supervised practice.
  • Dental services are regularly monitored, regulated and inspected to ensure they meet certain standards of quality and safety.
  • A Battersea dentist has greater experience of tooth whitening procedures.
  • A dentist will have greater knowledge of using chemicals which are potentially extremely dangerous if misused.
  • Tooth whitening by a dentist will require several visits.
  • A mouth guard will be custom made after taking a mould of a patient’s mouth to ensure an exact fit so that no chemicals come into contact with the gums or other areas of the mouth. This is in contrast to a ‘one size fits all’ bleaching tray provided in over the counter kits.
  • If you are given a kit to use at home your dentist will provide you with qualified instructions as to how to use it correctly and safely.
  • Certain conditions mean that tooth whitening isn’t always an appropriate treatment and your dentist will only go ahead with whitening if he considers it to be suitable for the individual.

What risks do I face by having my teeth whitened by an unqualified individual?

If you decide to have your teeth whitened at a local beauty salon for example, not only could it be illegal but they are likely to have had less training and may be dealing with dubious chemicals which pose a threat of damage to your teeth, gums, and mouth. You may find there is very little difference to the color of your teeth or worse still, the whiteness is patchy.

So hopefully you can see that for the sake of saving a few pounds, it’s really not worth taking the risk. Our advice would be to always contact a qualified dental professional if you’re looking for Battersea teeth whitening and they’ll help you achieve the best possible results in the safest possible way. Why not give Glow Dental a call today on 020 7223 7096 and make an appointment with Dr. Hooman Sanaty for a free cosmetic consultation. Or visit our website at to learn more about all the treatments we offer.

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