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Top Tips For Keeping Your Teeth White

Posted Date :        April 23, 2015
Tips For Keeping Your Teeth White

Here at Glow Dental teeth whitening is one of our most popular cosmetic treatments and thanks to modern dental technology it’s a professional treatment which most people can afford. It’s not just a modern trend to whiten teeth, ancient civilisations also used a variety of methods to make their teeth white. For example, the Egyptians used pumice ground with vinegar to lighten their teeth and the Romans actually used urine, since the ammonia contained in urine acted as a lightening agent. Thankfully, no one these days has to resort to those methods since there are a plethora of over the counter whitening products to be found.

Having splashed the cash on professional teeth whitening in Battersea then it stands to reason that you would want to try and keep your pearlies white for as long as possible.

Here are some tips on maintaining tooth whiteness:

Avoid foods and drink which dull teeth

Certain drinks such as coffee, red wine and tea and food such as curry all have the effect of making your teeth look dull and eventually discolouring them. If you can’t give them up, then at least try to cut back on your intake or drink them with a straw, and make sure you rinse your mouth with water immediately after consuming any of these products.

  • Brushing and flossing keeps your teeth looking white and also helps to prevent decay. You could also ask your Battersea dentist about tooth whitening pastes and mouthwashes.
  • In the event that your teeth start to look a little yellow it may be that your whitening treatment needs retouching. Often we can provide a home kit for many of our tooth whitening treatments which patients can use themselves as and when their teeth start to look a little dull.

Foods which can whiten your teeth

Many fruit and vegetable act as natural teeth whiteners. Strawberries for example can be rubbed over the teeth, but be sure to brush them immediately after with toothpaste to remove acids and sugars contained in the fruit. You can also mix lemon juice with salt to make a paste which can be used for a couple of days to naturally lighten your teeth, but again be sure to brush your teeth immediately afterwards to remove acid which can attack tooth enamel. Crunchy vegetable too, such as carrots, celery, broccoli and cucumbers all help to keep your teeth bright since they are natural teeth whiteners and also help to get the saliva going which rinses away any harmful acids or sugars. An apple a day not only keeps the doctor away but also contains malic acid which is found in tooth whitening products. Crunch on an apple once a day and you’ll find your teeth remain stain free.

If you’re considering tooth whitening in Battersea, then why not make an appointment with Glow Dental by calling 020 7223 7096. Dr. Hooman Sanaty will examine your mouth to check that you are a suitable candidate for tooth whitening and can discuss your options with you. We provide a number of different tooth whitening treatments so there’s sure to be one suited to you. For more information on all the treatments that we provide check out our website at

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