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Use, But Do Not Abuse: Oral Products You Should Use With Care

Posted Date :        August 24, 2015
Oral Care Products

Many people want to have good teeth, but they do not know the right way to go about it. Worse, some of them would buy any product that contains a ‘teeth whitening’ label on it and not mind the recommended dose or prescription. As a result, they cause more harm than good to their teeth.

Here are some oral products that people should use with care:


Mouthwash helps remove decay-causing germs better than regular brushing or flossing alone. Excessive use of this product, however, may lead to the early deterioration of teeth. Most mouthwashes contain alcohol, which may cause tooth stains. In addition, it causes dry mouth, allowing bacteria to thrive and infect teeth and gums further.

Whitening Toothpaste

Although whitening toothpastes exist for such a purpose, not all products in the market can produce such results. Some variants contain strong chemicals that, when applied excessively, may cause stains and cracks in the teeth. Others contain silica only, which removes plaque and germs but does not whiten teeth.

Bleach with Peroxide

Bleach and peroxide have whitening properties, thus making them the primary ingredients in tooth whitening kits. Too much of this product, on the other hand, can cause teeth sensitivity and irritation in the gums. This may cause teeth to become brittle and vulnerable to breakage. In addition, excessive bleaching may cause teeth to become bright, but not white.


Most households have fluoride in toothpastes and even in their water supply. Whilst it effectively removes bacteria and plaque, it may damage the teeth’s surface. Over-exposure to fluoride may cause the enamel to crumble, eventually staining and breaking the teeth.


Given the side effects of some oral products, oral health experts strongly encourage patients to let dentists perform delicate treatments, such as teeth whitening. They encourage people to use these products within the recommended amounts and only upon a dentist’s advice.

Teeth don’t grow back when you lose them, which is why caring for them properly is important. Battersea dentists have vast knowledge and experience in keeping teeth healthy and white without causing side effects. They provide advice and administer treatments that will help maintain nice teeth. Learn more about dentists in Battersea.

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