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Whiter, Straighter Teeth Lead To Success In Dating

Posted Date :        September 14, 2015
Success in Dating

For those on a quest to find success in dating and relationships, it might be time to start seeing the dentists more regularly than you do. This is because teeth continue to sit pretty atop the list of what people pay most attention to when sizing up the opposite sex., an online dating site, asked more than 200 questions related to dating, sex, love, and lifestyles to 5,000 single men and women ages 21 and above. They found out that people judge the opposite sex the most on three things: 1) teeth, 2) grammar, and 3) hair.

The results from the study are supported by the findings from other bodies of research.

Straight Teeth Make a Good Impression

Having good teeth can help patients leap the initial hurdles of dating faster, as suggested by a study from the British Dental Health Foundation. The study revealed that whiter and evenly spaced teeth are important for British people, with 56% of the respondents rating the smile highly as an indicator of attractiveness. In fact, teeth rank higher than the face (51%), eyes (51%), and height (25%).

Good Teeth Make for a Better Mate

Researchers from Leeds and Central Lancashire say that good teeth is associated with good health and genetic superiority—both of which make for a better mate.

Another survey supported this observation, revealing that people are 47% more likely to think that someone with straight teeth has good overall health. The study also showed that people are 38% more likely to perceive those who have good teeth as smart.

People with Nice Teeth are More Likely to Get Dates

The same survey mentioned above also said that people with better smiles often have an easier time to get dates. In fact, they are 57% more likely to get a date than those with crooked teeth.

Crooked teeth can also hurt a person’s chances of getting a second date, with more than a third of the survey respondents opting out of a second date because of bad-looking teeth.

If you are still single and are having a hard time finding love, perhaps it is time for you to get cosmetic dental treatments. Here at Glow Dental, you can get better-looking teeth with veneers, crowns, bridges, and teeth whitening in Battersea.

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