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Endodontics Treatment - Save Your Decayed Or Infected Tooth

Posted Date :        September 9, 2016
Tooth Decay

Your teeth may become infected or decayed due to small cracks and chips caused due to accidents and injuries. As such, even if there is a tiny crack or chip in the tooth, it is advised to visit a dentist for getting it repaired in order to prevent further infection. If the pulp of the tooth is affected due to infection, decay or trauma, dental surgeons usually perform root canal to treat the area. Also called endodontics, this therapy uses special equipment that cleanses your teeth and saves the affected as well as other teeth from getting damaged or decayed permanently. Besides, it saves you from losing your tooth that may impede your biting or alignment of other teeth. There are various reputed dental clinics in Battersea and its surrounding areas where different kinds of oral treatments are performed. You may get in touch with a dental surgeon to get the right treatment done for your situation.

Symptoms for a root canal therapy

  • Extreme pain in the tooth during chewing
  • Tooth pain that wakes you up at night
  • Your tooth gets sensitive to hot or cold
  • Tooth discoloration or darkening
  • Swollen gums at the area of your infected tooth

The procedure of endodontics therapy

This dental procedure can be completed within 2 - 3 appointments, depending upon your tooth condition. The dentist will take X-rays to know the condition of the tooth and infection caused to it. He may prescribe certain medications for treating the infection before proceeding for the treatment. Once the procedure begins, they will administer anesthesia so that the tooth and its surrounding area become lose sensitivity. He will clean and disinfect the root and fill an artificial material to seal it. At the next sitting, the dentist will place a crown on the top of the tooth for a natural feel and look. It is recommended that you seek an appointment with a dentist in Battersea who will carry out the suitable operation on your tooth.

The need to undergo a root canal

Root canal is quite common these days. The dental surgeons are specially trained in endodontic treatment and perform the procedure successfully. In complicated cases, the surgeon seeks help of an endodontist who has done specialisation in the respective field. Endodontists use latest techniques and microscopic equipments for treating the complex situations.

The procedure is usually suggested when infection gets into the pulp tissue of the tooth.  The pulp contains living tissue which includes nerves and blood vessels. Once it gets infected, the tooth will die and infection will spread leading to dental abscesses. This is a great way to save your tooth and prevent from developing dental abscesses that are extremely painful.

You may visit Glow Dental and seek advice of our dentists for root canal treatment. Make sure you follow the instructions of the expert after the procedure is done. By taking proper care, you will be able to maintain healthy mouth and strong teeth.

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