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Teeth Problems Continue To Affect Kids

Posted Date :        June 28, 2015
teeth problems continue to affect kids

Parents have more reasons to worry about the oral health of their kids. The number of tooth decay cases in the UK continues to grow. Recent studies revealed that more children go to the hospital due to teeth decay.

Statistics from National Health Service showed that nearly 500 children a week visit the hospital for multiple teeth extractions due to advanced stages of rotten teeth. Most cases require extraction of 4-8 baby teeth, with the worst case requiring 20 removals using general anaesthetic. More than a quarter of 5-year-olds in England have tooth decay.

The culprits?

Whilst poverty is among the main reasons for the rising cases of teeth decay among kids, dentists say that a typical diet that includes sugary food and drinks contributes to the figures. The NHS noted that Britons consume an average of 15 teaspoons of sugar daily, which is way above the recommended amount.

The utter disregard or misinterpretation of oral healthcare is another cause of the children’s frequent hospital visits. Many point out that poor brushing and lack of dental appointments are harming children’s oral health.

Battling the scourge of tooth decay

Alarmed by the trends, the government and experts on oral health emphasise the need for greater attention to children’s diet and oral habits. The Royal College of Surgeons suggested that parents should brush their teeth twice a day since children cannot do it properly until age 7 or when they can write their name. The NHS added that women should only have 5-6 teaspoons of sugar a day and men should only have 7-8.

Oral health experts strongly suggest appointments with dentists as early as 18 months old. Studies showed that even 3 year-old children have signs of tooth decay. They recommend minimal intake of sweets and sugary drinks during mealtimes or weekends.

The studies prove that tooth decay among kids is a cause of concern. Access to proper dental care at a young age may mitigate the trend. Glow Dental helps children remain strong and healthy with our extensive knowledge and experience in dental care. Our child-friendly treatments will put them at ease as we handle their teeth problems. Get in touch with us for more information about dental care for children.

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