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For The Sake Of Whiter Teeth: Soothing Teeth Sensitivity After Whitening

Posted Date :        August 19, 2015
For the Sake of Whiter Teeth: Soothing Teeth Sensitivity After Whitening

People seeking brighter smiles follow their Battersea orthodontist’s recommendation: get your teeth whitened. Patients who undergo the procedure have dentists remove stains and visible plaque for a whiter set of pearly whites. After the treatment, they face the day with brighter smiles.

Whilst tooth whitening in Battersea is a beneficial cosmetic fix, some patients complain of a stinging sensation after the procedure. Speculations arise from the cause behind the painful trigger: it could be the whitening product or the patient’s already sensitive teeth.

What causes sensitive teeth after whitening?

Exposed dentin tubules often trigger the stinging sensation you feel when you eat acidic foods or food with extremely cold or hot temperatures. During the teeth whitening process, a chemical process occurs, which releases the dentinal plugs within the tubules. Once released, an internal fluid flow excites the pulpal tissue and causes sensitivity.

Bleaching molecules also contribute to sensitivity after whitening procedures. These molecules penetrate the surface of your teeth and increases blood flow and pressure. Excess pressure causes the tooth pulp to suffer from mild pulpitis, which lasts for 2 weeks after whitening.

Relieving sensitivity after the procedure

Do not brush your teeth after the whitening procedure; this opens pores further and worsens the stinging sensation. Remember to brush your teeth before the treatment with a Desensitizing Gel to prepare your oral nerves.

After the bleaching procedure, rinse your mouth thoroughly with water or a pH re-balancing mouth rinse. This helps your teeth maintain normal oral pH levels for faster recovery.

It is also important to watch your diet during active whitening treatments. When you undergo bleaching treatments, the products lift the protein off your teeth, which makes it more vulnerable to food components. Refrain from eating acidic food or sweet treats during this time period. Acidic erosions from food or drinks worsen the sensitivity of exposed dentin.

Teeth whitening is a beneficial procedure and need not cause you discomfort. With the right soothing techniques, you can endure the short-period sensitivity and enjoy your whiter smile. For all of your concerns regarding teeth whitening in Battersea, Glow Dental is here to help. Get in touch with us for more information.

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