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The Truth Behind Yellow Teeth

Posted Date :        August 16, 2015
The Truth Behind Yellow Teeth

There is a common misconception that whiter teeth are healthier. Under the right circumstances, yellow teeth can be just as healthy as whiter teeth. When we say “whiter”, we do not mean “paper-white”. No one is born with a set of purely white teeth.

In cases where teeth whiten on their own, they usually denote excessive amount of fluoride or hypo-calcified spots indicating calcium deficiency. In a normal person, the opposite happens.

A Natural Part of the Aging Process

As people age, structural developments in the dentine (the bone-like tissue under the enamel) and a lesser blood supply can cause the teeth to appear more yellow.

Naturally, the enamel is a bluish-white colour. Underneath, the dentine has more of a yellowish tint, which contributes to the natural, yellowish shade of the teeth.

External Factors

Conversely, this shade can deepen due to tartar, or the calcified (hardened) plaque caused by bacteria. Generally, bacteria buildup can be caused by irregular blushing and flossing.

Substances that come in contact with the teeth’s surface can also have an effect on the colour. These include strong-coloured food and beverages such as wine, coffee, tea and cola.

When the discolouration appears more brown and stained instead of yellow, it can be the result of certain medications or the tetracycline antibiotic you were given as a child.

Dealing with Yellow Teeth

Fortunately, most yellow teeth are a cosmetic problem and do not signal any medical condition. They may indicate your need to change a few habits; other than that, there is no reason to be alarmed.

As much as it is natural to have yellow teeth, it is also human-nature to want an attractive smile that whiter teeth can give. Be careful, though. There is a thin line between lighter teeth and unnaturally ultra-white teeth, which you do not want.

With our tooth whitening options, you get a set of dazzling, bright teeth without sacrificing their natural appearance. Contact for us for an appointment today.

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