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Facial Aesthetics in Battersea

Rejuvenate your face with skin treatments

For a Fresh and Youthful You Using Botox® and Dermal Fillers

Facial Aesthetics

As we age we all develop lines and wrinkles because the underlying structure of our skin weakens. Environmental damage, particularly from the sun, is known to speed up this weakening so our hands and faces often age most quickly.

At Glow Dental we can now reduce the visible effects of this process through a full range of simple and effective treatments.


We have many treatments available to smooth out those unwanted lines and wrinkles. To make sure you receive the perfect treatments for you, our qualified and experienced consultant plastic surgeon examines your skin carefully, and together you’ll create a treatment plan to freshen and rejuvenate your looks.


During this treatment, commonly used to soften frown lines and crow’s feet, tiny amounts of Botox are injected into the facial muscles through a very fine needle. This causes the muscles to relax and the overlying skin to smooth. By choosing which area of your face to treat, your practitioner can tailor your treatment to exactly suit you. And as the needle is so fine there is almost no recovery time making this the perfect treatment to fit into any day.

We can also use Botox to treat excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis).


Hyperhydrosis can be an embarrassing problem but at Glow dental we offer a simple, effective and safe solution.

Botox is a recommended treatment for excessive sweating of the armpits and hands - a condition known as hyperhidrosis. In this simple procedure tiny amounts of Botox are injected through a fine needle into the skin around the sweat glands in the armpit or hands.

Improvement in sweating usually occurs within a week and can last up to 10 months. If you decide not to have further treatments, your sweating will gradually return to its pre-treatment level.

As with Botox for the face, recovery time is minimal so there is no need to plan your treatment.


Fillers are naturally occurring products placed under the skin to fill out and support areas of deeper wrinkles.

They are commonly used to plump the creases between the nose and lips or to give lips a more full appearance. As with Botox, bruising is usually very mild so this treatment is great for those with a busy schedule.

For more information on our Botox and Filler treatments, call our practice in Battersea, near Clapham on 020 7223 7096 or make an enquiry through our website

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