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Oral Surgery in Battersea

Most dental procedures are straightforward, but some conditions do require minor surgery. If that's the case, then Glow Dental has the equipment and the expertise to make sure you have the very best treatment.

For instance, many people need to have a tooth removed at some time, either because it's damaged, decaying, or needs to come out to make space for other teeth.

Wisdom teeth problems

Dealing with wisdom teeth is a common problem. Often it's because the jawbone isn't quite large enough to accommodate the wisdom teeth pushing through. If that happens, the teeth may stop growing out and become impacted or cause an infection. Impacted wisdom teeth can sometimes compromise the tooth in front of it.

If you are having problems, we can assess your teeth with an x-ray and identify the cause of the problem. Then we'll be able to decide with you whether the tooth is going to cause you ongoing problems and should be removed to prevent future pain or recurrent infections. If your mouth is not large enough to accommodate the teeth, and if the wisdom teeth need to be removed , it is better to remove them before they cause more local disease/ bone loss/ decay in adjacent teeth whilst you are younger, the bone is softer and mouth opening is wider and healing is quicker.

It is always important to get the advice of a dental professional if you are worried about any of your teeth.

Tooth extractions typically involve the following:

  1. Before the procedure you may require an x-ray of your teeth.
  2. Depending on your particular case and the severity of your problem, you may be given a local anaesthetic and offered sedation if you are anxious.
  3. Here in Battersea we are extremely experienced in managing complex extractions and minor surgery meaning in most cases your recovery can be surprisingly quick.
  4. In the case of wisdom tooth extractions, you may have some minor swelling and discomfort after the procedure that can be eased with over-the-counter painkillers. In specific cases the dentist battersea may prescribe a course of antibiotics to reduce the risk of further infection. We usually use steroids pre-operatively to reduce the postoperative pain and swelling

Feel at ease

Many patients are apprehensive about oral surgery, but there are many options for nervous patients in the form of inhalation and IV sedation, to alleviate anxieties and leave you at ease when having treatment.

If you feel you would benefit from either form of sedation please discuss this with the dentist, or call us on 020 7223 7096.

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