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Root Canal Treatment in Battersea 

Sometimes the nerve of a tooth can die in response to decay, trauma, or gum disease. When the nerve dies, this usually (but not always) leads to pain. When this happens there are generally two options, either to take the tooth out or to carry out root canal treatment.

We believe in saving a tooth wherever possible, so we recommend root canal treatment rather than an extraction as the loss of a tooth can lead to serious effects on adjacent and opposing teeth. However, if there really is no other option but to remove a tooth it is best to replace it; preferably with an implant.

Here in Battersea we are lucky enough to have a Endodontic Specialist as part of our team who will carry out root canal treatment with the use of a microscope by painlessly removing the dying pulp of the tooth, cleaning the canals before the inserting a root filling. More often than not the tooth can be saved and restored to its original shape and colour using a crown, a post crown or an onlay.

A filling may be inserted temporarily, but this leaves the tooth prone to fracture in the long term. Usually root treated teeth need a crown or an onlay to prevent the tooth breaking and requiring extraction in the future.

Straightforward treatment

Root canal treatment sometimes requires a couple of visits, but it can prevent the loss of a tooth and avoid the need for more invasive and costly treatment. Root canal treatment is just one of the ways we can repair damaged teeth.

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