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Standard Metal Braces

Damon Braces

The advanced orthodontic methods and technology help you experience an easier and more comfortable way of improving your smile. Standard metal braces often have the shortest treatment times and after the initial discomfort they are very robust, meaning they break less and you will have less trips to the dentist. In Battersea, our dental practitioners provide stainless steel braces which are custom-made for the patients. The treatment helps to overcome the problems you face while eating, drinking including your oral hygiene.



Some advantages of standard metal braces:

  • Provides option to customise the color for a unique smile
  • Least expensive method available for teeth straightening
  • Darker shades can be used to reduce staining
  • Uses heat-activated arch wires that move your teeth easily and less painfully

If you have misaligned or crooked teeth, you can see our experienced and skilled dentists to choose standard metal braces for teeth straightening treatment. We value your smile and provide a consultation session when you meet us. In the session, we plan the most appropriate alignment for your teeth and customize the braces accordingly.


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