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Dental Implants Treatment in Battersea

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Having one or more missing teeth can be a major source of embarrassment. There are lots of reasons for tooth loss, from injuries, accidents and mishaps playing sport to complications from gum disease or decay. Whatever the reason, if you've lost one or more teeth you may hide your smile away.

What many people don't realise is that, as well as aesthetic concerns, tooth loss can lead to further dental problems. Your remaining teeth often try to move into the gap, becoming misaligned, while the jaw bone beneath the teeth will start to resorb or deteriorate.

If you have missing teeth our team at Glow Dental can help. In most cases, the best solution for replacing a missing tooth is a dental implant.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a modern, permanent solution to missing teeth. They comprise of a small titanium screw placed directly into the jaw bone and a connecting abutment onto which a crown, bridge or secured denture can then be attached. Implants look and function much like natural teeth, and because they integrate directly with the jaw bone they prevent the problem of resorption. For this reason they are considered a better solution than traditional bridges or dentures.

Giving Your Smile a Makeover

We are one of the leading providers of dental implants has to offer because of the way we improve smiles. We use, among others, the Ankylos system of implants, which has been successfully used across the world for many years.

If you think dental implants may be the solution for you, you will first have a consultation with one of our experienced implant dentists at the Glow Dental practice. Provided there are no complications such as untreated gum disease or bone loss, you can then book an appointment to have your implants placed. Conditions such as gum disease should be treated first, to decrease the chance of any complications, while patients without enough bone for dental implants may benefit from a bone graft before commencing treatment.

We usually place dental implants using local anaesthetic, although if you feel particularly anxious the procedure can be carried out under sedation. Your dentist will place the implant in your jaw and will typically wait for three months before attaching an abutment (a post connecting the implant to a crown). We will usually attach a temporary crown at this stage, while healing takes place, before attaching your permanent crown a few weeks later.

In some cases, implants together with full bridges or dentures may be placed at the same appointment.

With our dental implants, you will have more reasons to smile without being conscious about your teeth. Book an appointment with our dental implant experts today!

Written Reviews

QuotesI am 65 years old; I had always had in mind to have a dental implant, but have always been very scared. Since I have been to see Dr Sanaty, I have been very impressed. As a result I decided to have the implant with him. It has been fantastic, I hope there will be more people like me who decide to go ahead and also have treatment Quotes


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