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We can help replace missing teeth

At Glow Dental, we can help replace missing teeth using a variety of means, including dentures. A denture is a removable prosthesis or appliance (complete or partial) made to replace missing teeth.


Plastic dentures

Plastic dentures can either be partially or fully replacing the missing teeth. As they rest on the gum, these dentures tend to sink into the gum, resulting in pressure on the bone. This can lead to underlying bone being resorbed and destroyed.

Classically, partial plastic dentures were known as ‘gum strippers’ as they were stripping the gums from the teeth as they sank in. Therefore, plastic dentures should only be considered as a short term option, unless they are supported on implants.

Upper partial plastic dentures usually cover the palate, and hence reduce the taste of food you eat.

Dentures generally become loose over time as the underlying bone is being resorbed. Patients generally resort to denture fixatives to fill the void between the denture and the gum. The adhesive helps the retention of the denture but it can still rock and slip, which still resorbs the underlying bone.

Chrome dentures

This type of denture is partly supported with teeth (or implants) as well as the gums. This means that the forces of the muscles during eating are partly distributed between the gums and the teeth, hence the amount of bone resorption with this kind of denture is reduced as the load on the bone is less.

These dentures generally use metal connectors so they are less bulky. With the use of precision attachments, they can be incredibly well-supported in the mouth. They cause much less damage to the underlying tissue as the load is reduced from the gums.


Implant-supported Dentures

Sometimes, dentures can be unstable and slip in the mouth, causing an uncomfortable fit and difficulties with speech and functionality. Using implants to secure your dentures in place makes them sturdy, stable and able to function much more like natural teeth.

Implant-supported dentures can significantly improve your confidence in your smile and the way you speak. You can also eat more freely, with foods typically avoided with traditional dentures back on the menu. Supporting dentures prevents bone loss and therefore preserves your facial structure. Your dentures can be fixed onto the implants or kept as removable, making them easy to clean and maintain.

We’re happy to discuss further details of the treatment and whether implant-supported dentures would be right for you. Please get in touch to book a consultation.

How it’s done

Making and fitting dentures requires several appointments to ensure the final set of dentures are a secure and comfy fit.

Following a comprehensive consultation, impressions of your mouth will be taken so a wax model can be produced and checked for fit, bite and comfort.

A final set of dentures will be manufactured in a laboratory and, when ready, you will be invited in for a fitting.

If you are having complete dentures, these will be fitted in the top or bottom of your mouth. This complete denture will consist of a gum coloured arch with a set of prosthetic teeth attached. Partial dentures will be used if you only have one or a few missing teeth and may be held in place with metal hooks attached to existing teeth.

It can take a little while to get used to your new dentures, especially if they are a complete set. They may feel odd at first and eating can be tricky, so it may be a good idea to start with softer foods and slowly introduce more challenging items. The amount of saliva in your mouth may increase, but this should soon improve as your mouth gets used to your replacement teeth.

Dentures can of course be supported or stabilised on implants to ensure they fit more comfortably with no movement. These types of dentures can be either fixed onto the implants so they do not require removal or friction locked which allows removal for maintaining better hygiene.


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Dr Hooman Sanaty and his team at Glow Dental in Battersea are brilliant. From the moment you walk into the dental practice you are treated with genuine smiles, warmth and kindness by the reception team which has a calming effect and puts you at ease instantly.- Alia M
Visited Glow Dental for the first time today, and it's been some time since I had a dental check up. Stephen was an excellent dentist, really put me at ease, and I valued that he could not only talk me through - but also show me - the condition of my teeth and gums. He was really helpful with all my questions too.- Felicity B
Just finished my Orthodontist Treatment in this practice. Wonderful service and amazing staffs! Thank you so much for giving me a new smile =) - Connie L
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