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Tailoring your straightening treatment every step of the way

Orthodontics is much more than braces. Here at Glow Dental, we combine innovative digital dentistry with a vast range of straightening systems to deliver the best results. Whether you need to straighten out a few wayward teeth or correct a more severe bite issue, our specialist orthodontist can help you towards a smile you can be proud of.

Is orthodontics for me?

Straightening with orthodontics promises aesthetic results while improving your oral health. The end result benefits your bite, facial shape and your oral hygiene.

Am I too old for orthodontics?

While over 50% of our orthodontic patients are in their teens, adult smiles can still benefit from straightening. As long as your teeth are in good condition and your oral health overall in great shape, you’ll be able to have them straightened. Younger teeth respond best to orthodontic treatment as the jaw is still growing.

Can my child have orthodontic treatment?

Your child’s dentist will inform you if there is a need for orthodontic treatment. We receive many referrals for children and teens, helping them to achieve a straight, healthy smile for their adult years. Fixed braces work incredibly well on correcting bite issues, misalignment, overcrowding and gappy teeth.

Do I need treatment before having orthodontics?

In some cases, we may need to prepare a smile for braces. This could be a type of oral surgery that we need to perform to provide enough space for the teeth to move into a better position. Occasionally, we may need to use functional, twin-block braces to achieve greater jaw movement. In any of these cases, we will discuss the options during a consultation.

Why have orthodontic treatment with Glow Dental?

Specialist orthodontics

Receive the best level of orthodontic treatment with Dr Amina, our specialist orthodontist. Dr Amina is an consultant orthodontist and registered specialist, which means she is recognised by the regulatory bodies as an expert in orthodontics. Along with her excellent team, she has an attentive and high-quality approach to treatment, further supported by three of our dentists who are registered Invisalign providers.


Digital technology

Our digital dental equipment lets us deliver the most precise treatment possible. Experience the best patient experience with digital scanners and cameras. We can adapt your treatment to what works best with a range of technology available to us. We also have software that allows us to view your treatment in progress before we even make the braces.


Your treatment, your way

All orthodontic treatment is different. It is matched to what sort of movement is needed to achieve a perfect bite, how much movement and what your expectations are. Some systems, like Invisalign, are fantastic for small amounts of movement, but for more significant misalignment, fixed braces are better suited. If you only wish to move a few teeth in your smile, you can choose a system that will correct the issue in a matter of months.

That’s why we put so much importance on consultations. We want to make sure that the treatment we choose together is the best for you and will deliver the very best results while ticking all your boxes.

Orthodontics at Glow Dental

Our catalogue of treatments is vast, giving us as much flexibility as possible when tailoring treatments.

Fixed braces

When we think of orthodontics, we naturally think of traditional metal braces. While noticeable when worn, fixed braces are incredibly good at correcting more serious bite issues and make a huge difference to functionality and appearance. As they are constantly at work, fixed braces offer very precise results.

At Glow Dental, we offer discreet alternatives to traditional braces as well. Many fixed brace systems offer a tooth-coloured or clear option, providing a more discreet treatment. In place of metal brackets, we can create ceramic or clear plastic alternatives with tooth-coloured wires.

Lingual braces

These invisible braces use custom-made brackets that fit on the inside of your teeth where your tongue is. They work just like traditional braces, using wires to guide your teeth to a straighter position.

Fast braces

If you need to straighten your smile but are put off the lengthy wait, we can offer a faster treatment that focuses on only the front six teeth. These treatments can take a matter of months, leaving you with a natural straight smile.

Clear aligners

Straighten crooked teeth and correct minor bite issues with Invisalign. These clear, removable aligners gradually move teeth to your desired position. We have four Invisalign providers at Glow Dental who between them have straightened hundreds of smiles per year using this revolutionary system.

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Dr Hooman Sanaty and his team at Glow Dental in Battersea are brilliant. From the moment you walk into the dental practice you are treated with genuine smiles, warmth and kindness by the reception team which has a calming effect and puts you at ease instantly.- Alia M
Visited Glow Dental for the first time today, and it's been some time since I had a dental check up. Stephen was an excellent dentist, really put me at ease, and I valued that he could not only talk me through - but also show me - the condition of my teeth and gums. He was really helpful with all my questions too.- Felicity B
Just finished my Orthodontist Treatment in this practice. Wonderful service and amazing staffs! Thank you so much for giving me a new smile =) - Connie L
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