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Root Canal Treatment

Become pain-free

Sometimes the tissues inside a tooth can become infected through decay, trauma, or gum disease. This usually (but not always) leads to pain and can result in needing the tooth removed. We believe in saving a tooth wherever possible using root canal treatment. This involves removing the infected tissue and leaving the tooth behind, pain-free.

Root Canal Treatment Root Canal Treatment

Why do I need root canal treatment?

We recommend root canal treatment rather than an extraction as the loss of a tooth can lead to serious effects on adjacent and opposing teeth. Replacing missing teeth requires additional treatment which we would rather help you avoid.

Treating an infection also prevents it from spreading to the surrounding teeth as well as relieving any pain you are experiencing.

What does root canal treatment involve?

Here at Glow Dental, we are lucky enough to have an Endodontic Specialist as part of our team. They carry out root canal treatment with the use of a microscope, painlessly removing the dying pulp of the tooth and cleaning the canals before inserting a root filling. More often than not the tooth can be saved and restored to its original shape and colour using a crown, a post crown or an onlay.

A filling may be inserted temporarily, but this leaves the tooth prone to fracture in the long term. Usually, root treated teeth need a crown or an onlay to prevent the tooth breaking and requiring extraction in the future.

Root canal treatment sometimes requires a couple of visits, but it can prevent the loss of a tooth and avoid the need for more invasive and costly treatment. Root canal treatment is just one of the ways we can repair damaged teeth.

Is it painful?

Many of our patients remark at how painless their root canal treatment was. It is no different than having a tooth filled. We always use local anaesthetic to reduce any pain and discomfort. We also can offer sedation to help you feel more relaxed when in the surgery.

Root Canal Treatment

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What our patients say
Jonathan did an excellent job on my Root Canal, providing a thorough explanation about the procedure and addressing queries about durability, next steps and the outcome. Pretty good for a new, sleep deprived dad!!!
Laser treatment worked wonderfully to desensitise tooth. Sceptical at first, now a believer! Saved a Root Canal
Jon did an excellent job on my Root Canal, making me feel completely comfortable throughout the whole process. Highly Recommended!
Thank you Jon for being so gentle and kind, I shall not be scared of root canals again!
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