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Helping you to feel at ease while benefiting from dental care

We understand that not everyone feels comfortable about seeing the dentist. Whether it’s a result of a bad past experience or a needle phobia, nerves are very common and we do all we can to help put you at ease. By discussing what makes people nervous and explaining all procedures, we often find that we can help patients relax without the need for sedation. Our modern dental techniques are painless and you remain in control at all times, while listening to music can help relax those put off by the sounds associated with the dental surgery.

Our team at Glow Dental take special care of our anxious patients. We make sure every step of your treatment is explained so there are no hidden surprises. In our surgery, we can set up a TV so you can relax and watch your choice of entertainment. Our goal is to create an atmosphere that is calming and reassuring.

We understand that many people are nervous about visiting the dentist, and we are highly experienced in working with nervous patients.

For those patients who prefer sedation, we offer oral, inhalation and IV sedation. Our dentists are happy to discuss all these options with you before treatment begins.

What is Sedation?

Sedation is a safe method of helping you to relax when here for your treatment. We are able to offer two forms of sedation to make appointments more comfortable and relaxing.

The first type is called intravenous or IV sedation. The sedative drug is injected in a controlled manner, so that you feel relaxed during the dental treatment and will have no recollection afterwards. You would need to be escorted by a friend or family member after having IV sedation, but your dentist would discuss this with you beforehand. This is a much safer option for nervous patients than a general anaesthetic which carries certain risks, particularly for invasive procedures.

The second type is inhalation sedation, which is good if you don’t like needles. A small mask is placed over your nose and mouth, and you breathe in a mix of nitrous oxide and oxygen. This gas mixture will make you feel calm during your dental appointment. You remain awake and aware while receiving the sedation, but you will experience a deep sensation of peace and relaxation while the team work on your teeth.

Our team of dentists and nurses are specially trained to deliver these types of sedation and will make sure that you are safe and comfortable at all times during your visit.

We would be more than happy to discuss your concerns and anxieties and advise you of how best we can help you manage them.

Nervous patients

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What our patients say
I have always been a nervous patient and as usual, that was the first thing I told Jonathan. If I always had dentists like him and Hooman I never would have been nervous in the first place!!! Good, Clean, well-mannered guys, Cheers! P.s. the nurses and receptionists are pretty cool too!
No one on the planet is a more nervous or difficult dental patient. But I actually fell asleep with Jonathan today during root canal treatment. There’s no higher recommendation – he’s a genius!!!
Having been terrified of dentists for many years, I am thrilled to have found Hooman – a really welcoming and supportive practice – highly recommended!
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