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Dental Hygienist in Battersea


At Glow Dental Battersea our hygienist Kelly is an integral member of the team who’s primary role is to assist people in the promotion, achievement and maintenance of good oral health. When you visit Kelly she will:

  • Provide dietary and oral hygiene advice in order to prevent dental caries (tooth decay) and periodontal (gum) disease
  • Give smoking cessation advice and support if needed.
  • Give our teeth a thorough clean, both above and below the gums to remove tartar (calculus) which has built up around the teeth, and polish off any surface stains.

A standard appointment with our dental hygienist lasts approximately 45 minutes. Kelly will initially check your medical history to ensure the suitability of any treatment she undertakes.

She may dye the plaque on the teeth to highlight any areas missed when using a toothbrush and floss and will offer appropriate oral hygiene advice to supplement a patient’s daily oral hygiene regime. Kelly will measure the gaps between gums and teeth to explore whether any periodontal disease is present and will recommend any treatment necessary to prevent the disease from progressing. The gum condition will be monitored by the hygienist to ensure regular oral maintenance. They will also encourage regular 3 - 6 monthly scaling and polishing to ensure the routine maintenance of healthy gums.

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QuotesKelly is the best hygienist ever! Thanks for your advice and good mannered approach Quotes

J. 2015

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