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Invisalign…busting Those 5 Myths!

Myth 1: Invisalign Can Only Correct Mild Dental Problems

When Invisalign was first introduced in 1997, its use was indeed limited to milder cases of dental misalignments. However, decades of innovation and significant investment in technology have catapulted Invisalign to the forefront of orthodontic solutions. Today, it’s recognized globally as a leading orthodontic brand, having transformed over 4 million smiles. Modern Invisalign aligners are adept at correcting a wide range of dental issues, including severe open bites, crossbites, individual tooth misalignments, and complex cases of overcrowding. The advanced technology now allows Invisalign to handle almost any corrective requirement, challenging the misconception that it’s only suitable for minor adjustments.

Myth 2: Invisalign is Expensive

While Invisalign may appear costly at first glance, it offers various payment plans to accommodate different budgets, making it an accessible option for many. Prices can start from as little as £166.66 per month*, depending on the complexity of the case and the length of treatment required. Furthermore, considering the benefits of a nearly invisible treatment process and the convenience of not having to deal with traditional braces, many find Invisalign to be a worthwhile investment in their dental health and self-esteem.

Myth 3: You Have to Be Careful of What You Eat

Unlike traditional braces that come with a laundry list of dietary restrictions to prevent damage, Invisalign allows you to enjoy your favorite foods without worry. The aligners are completely removable, which means you can eat and drink whatever you like during treatment. The only stipulation is to maintain excellent oral hygiene—simply remove the aligners while eating, and make sure to brush and floss before putting them back in. This ensures that your teeth stay clean and free from food particles, preventing cavities and other complications.

Myth 4: It is Painful

Any orthodontic treatment can cause some discomfort, especially when new aligners are first introduced. However, most Invisalign users report experiencing only mild discomfort, often described as a feeling of pressure. This sensation typically subsides within a day or two as the mouth adjusts to the new aligners. The discomfort is generally less intense compared to that caused by traditional braces, as the change in tooth position is more gradual and evenly distributed.

Myth 5: The Aligners Affect Your Speech

It’s common for new Invisalign users to experience minor speech alterations as they adjust to having aligners in their mouths. However, this is usually temporary and resolves within a few days. Most patients quickly adapt, and their speech returns to normal. For those concerned about speaking with aligners, starting the treatment over a weekend can provide ample time to adjust before facing professional or social engagements.


Invisalign has revolutionized the field of orthodontics by providing an effective, discreet, and comfortable alternative to traditional braces. By debunking these common myths, potential users can make informed decisions about pursuing Invisalign treatment, armed with the knowledge that it is a versatile, affordable, and user-friendly option for achieving a healthier, straighter smile.

*Based on Invisalign Express starting from £2000, with 0% finance over 12 months. Subject to credit status.

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